Bed·ou·in (noun or adj.) ˈbe-də-wən, ˈbed-wən 1. Desert dweller, nomadic Arab of the desert. 2. A wanderer or rover.

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Update. Went camping this past weekend, had a fantastic time. New internship (with FRP II) is infiltrating all parts of my life. Thoughts are twofold: this is interesting, and I’m really unqualified. Contemplating some kind of new project because I feel restless and unfulfilled. Dramatic, I know. Am in the midst of a dietary cleanse because I want to feel clean from the inside out. So far, I just think about Nutella a lot and what I’m going to eat when it’s over. Started writing this post in choppy sentences because the thought of all my Arabic homework makes me ashamed to be doing anything else. Feel like I’m writing a telegram. Stop.

KEEP READING. I know, listen, I know that this kind of thing (expressing what you are grateful for on a day with the appropriate title) has become trite and banal and whatever other adjective I can throw out that means the equivalent of lame. But I do want to offer up a list of the things I am very, very thankful for. These, in no particular order:

Amman, for being difficult and hilarious

My English class, for trying really hard and making work fun

Fulbright, for the new and wonderful people I now can call my good friends




My iPhone (whatever, it’s changed my life)

Encouragement from friends back in America

Finding a Bible study here

Learning how to cook (ish)…ya3ni I’m working on this

My gym, Fitness First (habibi, you deserve an entire post)

Having a million cardigans

My landlady

My roommate

My sleepover ladiez (you know who you are)

Taxis that don’t overcharge

My crazy and beautiful family

Finally, everyone in my life that loves and appreciates me, regardless of my tendency to always be on the verge of tears or over-commit to—just, life and all its feelings. There’s a better way to word that I’m sure, bas khalas you know what I mean. You make it easy to be myself, to be open and vulnerable with people I meet and get excited about the prospect of forming new relationships because of the ones I already have. Thank you, a million times.