Bed·ou·in (noun or adj.) ˈbe-də-wən, ˈbed-wən 1. Desert dweller, nomadic Arab of the desert. 2. A wanderer or rover.

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“And I’ve always felt that the beauty of being surrounded by the foreign is that it slaps you awake, you can’t take anything for granted. Travel for me is a little bit like being in love because suddenly all your senses are at the setting marked ‘on.’ Suddenly you’re alert to the secret patterns of the world.”

You all should watch this great TED talk on where home really is:

I’m so excited, I can barely even type this! In 8 hours I’ll be on a flight from Amman to Istanbul, then Istanbul to Chicago, where I’ll spend just over a week in the U.S. seeing family and friends that I’ve dearly missed. Then, I head to Turkey with my sister for another little vacation. I cannot wait to see my family, to hug my friends, to just get out of Amman for a little bit and regain some perspective. I love my life here, but it’ll be nice to be reminded of what’s outside of this city.

Anyway. My life will be a little less blog-able the next two weeks, and also most of the people who read it I’ll probably be seeing, sooooo I’m going on a break until I return to Amman in early February. Ma3 elsaleemi!